Cittá vuota. Camera Mauritz Pauli. Cooperation Showcase LOTENHEIM. Elizen the Emperor (slowereastside daystream)

„Sleep Sister. A dance of a lucid dream“ Filmed by Marco Castro, Edited by Kid Hyena. With Special thanks to Martha Kroeger. Written & Recorded by Kid Hyena at Songs of Disquiet Studios.

Written, directed and edited by Vlatka ALEC DOP: David PLEWA DANCER: Martha KROEGER MUSIC: Oval – „SE“, from the album „POPP“ (UOVOOO), published by Budde Music/Random Noize Musick. Shot in Berlin, 2017 (C) Copyright Control

by Christoph Titz & Christian Ogrinz / Sound Dogma Berlin
video by Tuca Paoli with Vlatka Alec and me

ein VideoProjekt von Beat D. Hebeisen